Amended and effective as of 04/05/2018:

  • Thongs may be worn at anytime.
  • Clean, non-offensive singlets may be worn at anytime.
  • Clean and tidy work attire may be worn at anytime.

No Hats or Caps to be worn inside the Club at anytime.

Patrons will not be permitted within Club Kawana if:

  • Barefoot.
  • Wearing Bikinis or Swimwear.
  • Wearing any type of Provocative clothing/provocative slogans on clothing.
  • Failing to remove Hats or Caps when entering the inside the Club.*

*Exceptions may be made for Medical and Religious reasons, or those playing bowls in a competitive manner at the Club. School Students and attendees of functions are also exempt from this rule.

Thongs are now permitted – 7 days a week.

Management reserves the right to modify or change dress regulations without notice.
Management’s decision will be final and no further discussions will be entered into.
We thank patrons for abiding to the standard of Dress Regulations.

For more information on our dress standards, please contact Reception on (07) 5493 1233.