New Water Fountain Keeps Bowlers Hydrated

Club Kawana was proud to finally install a new cold water fountain, ready in time as bowlers returned to the sport ahead of the summer season. The supply and installation of the new fountain was made possible due to a local council grant. The club continues to look at ways to improve player experiences whilst on the greens and had received feedback from players for the need to increase the capacity to supply cold water to players, particularly during the summer months.

The Sunshine Coast Council’s grants program, allowed the Club to purchase the cold water fountain and also fund the installation by a local plumber.

President of Club Kawana, Barry Wolgast said “After speaking to our bowling members, we found that there was the need to install a new fountain to increase the comfort level of players.”

“Thanks to the  support of the Council, we now have a plentiful supply of cold water to ensure players remain hydrated throughout their play.” Mr. Wolgast added.

Club Kawana currently has around 450 registered bowling members with 18,000 social members and guests visiting the venue throughout the year.

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