Council Grant Gives Community Chance to a Bowl

Club Kawana was delighted by the arrival of their new bowling arms and transport trolley, that was made possible due to a local council grant. The local Sunshine Coast bowls club has been looking at numerous ways to further provide access to bowls facilities within the local community. Their newest project, proudly supported by Sunshine Coast Council’s grants program, allowed the Club to purchase eight (8) bowling arms, devices which allow those with disabilities and back issues to participate in the sport of lawn bowls both socially and competitively.

President of Club Kawana, Barry Wolgast said “After speaking to a range of non-bowlers, we found that there was significant interest within our local community, from those who wanted to play bowls, but discounted it due to injuries or disabilities.”

“Their options previously were limited because of injury or lacking the physical range of motion that is required to play and that is something that we wanted to change. To allow everyone the
chance to play.”

Proudly supported by the Sunshine Coast Council’s Grant Program, the Club was awarded with funding to purchase these devices along with a new trolley to help them transport the bowls to the green.

“Thanks to the generous support of the Council, we are now able to offer the ability to play lawn bowls, to a broader spectrum of the community, as well providing access to those with disabilities who have previously been limited in their options to participate.” Mr. Wolgast added.

Club Kawana currently has around 500 registered bowling members with 18,000 social members and guests visiting the venue throughout the year. The Club recently re-launched their extremely popular Friday Afternoon Barefoot Bowls Night, which allows beginners and those without any experience to play in a social setting each week from 5pm.

“These new arms will be available for everyone to use, free of charge at any time to both members and guests of the club who wish to participate in bowls at our club.” Mr. Wolgast Said.

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