• Due to our Liquor Licence, we are required to keep all noise levels to a minimum at all times.
  • Yelling and /or screaming will not be tolerated whilst bowling.
  • Drinks may be consumed behind the greens ditch; we do not permit drinking when walking across the greens.
  • Smoking will only be permitted in designated smoking areas (as per club smoking plan) or behind the seats on the northern end of the green. Smoking on the Green is illegal.
  • There will be NO driving or fast bowling at any time.
  • For safety reasons children under the age of 10 years are not permitted on the green at any time. Children over the age of 10 years must remain in the company of an adult or Tutor, running or jumping on the greens will not be tolerated as these actions can cause damage to the greens.
  • Bowls must be rolled and never dropped.
  • Socks, thongs or flat shoes must be worn at all times while playing Barefoot Bowls. In relation to dress standards appropriate footwear must be worn inside the Club House.
  • Any person disobeying these conditions of play may be asked to leave the premises immediately.

All rules are at the discretion of management and participants must abide by any instructions given to by management or club assistants.